a solution to

 hair loss 

Scalp micropigmentation, available at our Warrington clinic, is the worlds fastest growing solution to hair loss, with over 500,000 men and women worldwide having taken advantage of the remarkable benefits of this new camouflage solution. Even those with no hair remaining can appear as if they have a full head of hair again!

After seeing how hair loss had affected her husband Hayley was determined to make a difference. Acquiring the skills to become Bear Fox Clinic’s scalp micropigmentation practitioner has allowed her clients to feel rejuvenated and give them back their self confidence.

For men, SMP replicates the appearance of shaven hair. Although most clients choose to shave their heads to get the best from this treatment option, many do not need to and can keep their hair at a longer length, instead using scalp micropigmentation as a density filler.

For women, we work within your hair to reduce the contrast between your hair and your scalp to create the appearance of more density. For women experiencing the effects of alopecia, postpartum hair loss or telogen effluvium, scalp micropigmentation is the ideal solution.

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